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Candleberry Candle®


When emotions are running wild, patchouli is in the ranks with vetiver, chamomile and lavender as a way to de-stress. End the day relaxing in a soft space with the harmonizing fragrance of Candleberry’s®, Warm Patchouli™ candle. Although patchouli blends well with a variety of essentials, Candleberry’s® choice was to blend with very slight undertones of vanilla, tonka, oud wood, heliotrope flower and orange, allowing the patchouli to truly shine. This amazing blend has been in the works for years and years, on hold until we made this famous fragrance all that is Candleberry® branded right into the scent. It’s warm, relaxing, room-filling and trueto-patchouli!

Warm Patchouli Candle

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