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Middle School Bands

The sustained success of the Beechwood High School Bands can be attributed to hard work of the students in their early years of training and development. In the Beechwood Middle School Band students are introduced to the basics of music through performance from the very beginning. Students begin their journey in the Beechwood Band program the first semester of 5th grade on recorder and progress to band instruments in the second semester. Uniquely, every 5th grade student in the Beechwood Independent School System participates in the 5th grade band. Students who choose to continue in the program continue into the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band classes. The Beechwood Middle School Bands have consistently received distinguished ratings at KMEA concert festivals events for decades. Parents of prospective band students should contact Mr. Austin Bralley or Ms. Savannah Starks.


KMEA Concert Assessment at Northern Kentucky University 3/9/2022

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