3rd Annual Peachwood Peach Sale


The Beechwood Band Boosters are hosting the 3rd Annual Peachwood Peach Sale! Our Peachwood Peaches are great for eating, baking, making jellies, salsa and many other things!


No waiting in long lines like you do with other peach vendors. You pull up in your car and we will load your delicious Peachwood Peaches for you!


This fundraiser goes to support the 2019 State Champion Beechwood Band Program for the various activities throughout the year!


Thank you for your support of the Beechwood Band Program!


1/2 Bushel (25 lbs) - $42

1/4 Bushel (12.5 lbs) - $25

Online Sale Ends: Thursday, June 25 | 8:00 pm

Pick Up Date: Saturday, June 27 | 9:00-11:00 am

Pick Up Location: Beechwood Elementary Parking Lot