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4th Annual Peachwood Peach Sale

The Beechwood Bands Peachwood Peach Sale is back for Summer 2021!

Order your 2021 peaches from us and every dollar you spend goes directly to the amazing students of the Beechwood Band Program!


No waiting in long lines like you do with other peach vendors. Arrive at the school on the designated pick-up date and a band student will load your peaches!

June Peach Pick-Up Date: Saturday, June 26 from 9am-11am

Location: Beechwood Elementary Parking Lot

2021 Pricing

$27.00 for 1/4 bushel (12.5 lbs)

$45.00 for a 1/2 bushel (25 lbs)

Order your peaches from the Beechwood Band!


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