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About Anne Marie Gieske

Anne Marie Gieske, born on October 24, 2002, was a vibrant and deeply spiritual young woman whose life left an indelible mark on all who knew her. Tragically, her promising life was cut short on October 29, 2022, during a crowd surge while studying abroad in South Korea, just five days after her 20th birthday. Despite her untimely passing, Anne Marie's legacy lives on through the profound impact she had on those around her.

From a young age, Anne Marie displayed intelligence, warmth, and a zest for life that endeared her to family and friends alike. Growing up in a loving household with her parents, Dan and Madonna Gieske, and siblings Joseph, Elizabeth, and Jessica, Anne Marie was cherished for her joyful demeanor and nurturing spirit. She shared a special bond with each of her siblings, enriching their lives with her light and energy.

Anne Marie Gieske Clarinet Player

Anne was a talented musician, a caring leader, and a loving friend as a member of the Beechwood Band. She was the clarinet Section Leader, a 6-year member of the Marching Tigers, our 2020 Drum Major, a 4-time All-State Band member, and attended the Governor’s School for the Arts

Anne Marie's early years were marked by her curiosity and compassion. She was known for her intelligence and quick learning, often surprising others with her astute observations and endearing quirks. Her tender-hearted nature was evident in her empathy towards those in need, often shedding tears at the sight of suffering.

Anne Marie Gieske Drum Major

Throughout her adolescence, Anne Marie's love for music and the arts blossomed. A gifted clarinetist, she excelled in her musical pursuits, participating in school bands, orchestras, and performance troupes. Her talent and dedication earned her recognition and accolades, including the prestigious John Phillips Sousa award.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Anne Marie was deeply committed to her faith. She actively engaged in church activities, volunteered for charitable causes, and shared her faith with others through her genuine and humble demeanor.

Anne Marie's adventurous spirit led her to pursue a nursing degree at the University of Kentucky, where she continued to excel academically and spiritually. Her passion for learning extended beyond the classroom, as she immersed herself in Korean culture and language through study abroad programs and extracurricular activities.

Tragically, Anne Marie's promising future was cut short, leaving her loved ones and community devastated by the loss of such a bright and compassionate soul. Yet, her memory lives on as a beacon of faith, love, and joy, inspiring others to embrace life with the same fervor and devotion that she embodied.

In honoring Anne Marie's legacy, her family invites others to find solace and inspiration in her unwavering faith. Through her story and enduring spirit, Anne Marie's impact continues to illuminate the world, offering hope and healing to all who are touched by her remarkable life.

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