Private Lessons

Much of the success of the Beechwood Band Program is due in a large part to our private lesson program. A large majority of our instructors have bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees in music and perform in professional performing groups in the Cincinnati area.

Private lessons are an opportunity for your child to receive one on one help with a specialist on their particular instrument. Private lessons benefit young musicians of all ability levels. Students receive mostly group instruction during their band time. The larger bands often have a class size of anywhere from 40-50 students at one time. In order for a student to continue to develop their skills private lessons are strongly recommended by the directors. The more advanced student can move ahead of the class and continue to excel at their level, often learning skills and techniques that are very difficult to achieve in a full band situation. The less advanced student can benefit from lessons by receiving the extra attention that is needed to build confidence and continue to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them without the added pressure of keeping up with the class. Lesson teachers are able to spend time on specific needs of each individual.

We are very lucky to be able to offer an outstanding lesson staff each with years of teaching experience. We hope that you will consider enrolling your child in private lessons.

Scroll down for more information regarding private lessons. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Mr. Bralley or Mr. Slone. We want to offer your children the best musical experience possible and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Flute | Betty Douglas | (859) 992-7309 |

Oboe | Bonnie Farr |

Clarinet | Dr. Laura Sabo | (216) 407-4194 |

Clarinet | Savannah Starks | (270) 250-4142 |

Saxophone | Carly Hood  | (859) 240-8467 |

Trumpet | Stephen Wadsack | (307) 257-4087 |

Trumpet | Bryan Crisp |

Horn | Natalie Sweasy | (859) 814-1980 |

Horn | Zach Quortrup | (214) 206-7056 |

Low Brass | Joseph Rodriguez | (202) 316-4554 |

Low Brass | Evan Hatter |

Percussion | Gary Griffith | (859) 816-5732 |